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Seaweed Sensations

Final word in organic seaweeds

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Practically everyone, everywhere, eats seaweed nearly every day. Carrageen extracted from Condrus crispus, is used to make pudding, ice cream, biscuits etc., just look at the ingredients at the back of the packet and be prepared to be amazed.

What if there was some magic formula that you could take, that would not only improve health, fight disease and make you live longer in the process and then you looked and felt better as well. 0That would be a a fantastic thought or wish would it not ? Well it is not fantastic or some science fiction concept. Eating and using seaweds can make all these wishes come true, which whether we like to admit it or not, all have.

All our seaweeds are dried and processed within one day of being harvested to keep the maximum nutrional value. No artifical drying methods are used in our production, just the wind and the sun. All the seaweeds and seaweed products presented here are harvested by us (an Irish company), in Ireland.

Seaweed Sensations is a sensual blend of wild harvested, organic, GM-free, 100% naturally occuring seaweeds used in cooking to improve diet or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

To date, this range comprises of 20 products made from 13 green, red and brown algae namely;

Green Seaweeds


Red Seaweeds


Brown Seaweeds


Monostroma sp. (Aonori) Palmaria palmata (Dulse) Alaria Esculenta (Wakame)
Ulva lactuca (Sea Letuce) Osmundea pinnatifida (Pepper Dulse) Laminaria digitata (Kombu)
Enteromorpha intestinalis (Gut Weed) Chondrus crispus (Irish Moss, Carrageen Moss) Laminaria longicruris (Kombu Royal)
  Porphyra umbilicalis (Nori, Laver) Himanthalia elongata (Thongweed)
    Saccharina latissima (Sweet Kombu)

This range is still expanding, join our mailing list to remain informed about new product lines or seaweeds as we launch them on the market.

This range includes seaweeds in packets, catering and bulk amounts, either as whole leaf or in powdered form. We also provide a range of blended sea weed products. All bulk products are offered at discounted rates. As we sell and ship world wide, this can be useful if you’re looking for something not easily found in your area, where we can garantee long-term supply of this product.