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Organic Nutrients Found in Seaweed and Their Function


This page examine the seaweed nutrients that are found in a variety of different seaweeds. Seaweeds as with all plants contain no chlolesterol at all (32).Just click on the title tab of each nutrient you are interested below to findout more about each componant that interests you.

Ascorbic acid is an important componant of the nutrient profile of seaweeds, this water soluble vitamin protectant against oxidative stress, this antioxidant role.... Vitamin A is also necessary for the synthesis of connective tissue, where low dietry levels of this vitamin result in the development of the condition called scurvy. To combat this degenerative disorder British soldiers consumed limes, which led the Americans to call all Brish the slang name "Limies". This seaweed vitamin is also found in many citrus fruits and is necessary for the synthesis of numerous neurotransmitters, ascorbic acid is also involved in the regulation of iron metabolism. There is some scientific eveidence that this vitamin strngthens the immune system, possibly lowers the risk of develping cxaner and heart disease as with brown seaweeds outlined below.(Refs)

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Nori and the sea lettuces are the best sources of vitamin B12 of all the comonly consumed seweeds on the market today (47). Reports show that such seaweeds can supply adequate biologically active B12 levels for strict vegans (48), while the consuming Spirulina species has been show high levels of this vitamin however, substancial amounts are the biologically inactive form of vitamin B12, leading some authors to refer to Spirilina consumption as a "health food fad" (49). Nori and sea lettuces on the other hand were shown to contain only active forms of vitamin B12 and no inactive or substituted B12 forms, the sea lettuces were also shown to contain four known active types of this vitamin, drying nori has been shown to increase the amount of active vitamin B12 present (47). Researchers have shown that 3g of nori should be sufficient to satisfy the daily requirement of a human for vitamin B12, caution should always be excersised with all foods avoiding excessive consumption of any one group, as with the seaweeds (47), because they contain such high levels of vitamins and minerals (as demonstrated here on this page and others on this website), take a little of everything often as part of a balanced diet

Vitamin B12 is unique amongst vitamins in that it is not found in vascular plants (land plants), this vitamin which is produced by bacteria and is usually found in ....animal products, but is abundant in sea vegetables, therefore seaweeds are an important source of this vitamin especially for vegetarians and vegans who don't eat meat and so find it very difficult to obtain this essential vitamin from ordinary sources. Cobalamine that is also known as vitamin B12 primarily functions as a metabolic coenzyme. A deficiency in this vitamin is known to cause the medical conditions anemia and neuropathy. S. (Refs).

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Every expectanat mother knows how important this vitamin is for sucessful conception. Folic acid, which is also known as pteroylglutamic acid is required for DNA sysntesis, it is also important for an effective and fully functional meatabolic system, where it is involved in protien and fat synthesis. A lesser known effect of a deficiency in the intake of folic acid is that this situation causes neural damage.

Required for DNA synthesis. Involved in protein and fat synthesis. Its deficiency causes neural damage.

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Melatonin is found in all forms of life from the earliest forms of life such as microorganisms, algae, fungi, to more complex organisms such as plants, insects, and vertebrates including humans and of course melatonin is present in seaweeds (18). Derived from tryptophan an essential amino acid, it is considered a vitamin in (only from a nutritional standpoint) humans, it is produced in the pineal gland where it was initailly thought of as a hormone, but it began in earlier forms of life such as seaweeds it is predominately an antoxidant (29).

We now know that melatonin produces various effect in vertibrates such as humans,...

Melatonin is found in Ulva lactuca (30)

This organonutrient is used as nucleotide precursors that is used to make up the backbone of your DNA. This essential vitamin is a key componat of many cellular redox reactions (ref). This seaweed nutrient is found in all seaweeds.

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Everybody is familier with their mother saying eat your vegetbles to improve eyesight, increasing the consumption of this vitamin can also reverse night blindness which can be a result of consuming too little of this essential vitamin as part of the diet. Other than being required for proper eye function vitamin A is important for proper fetal development during pregnancy. Retinol also strengthens the immune system as with ascorbic acid for example. Seaweeds are an excellent source of this and other vitamins in your diet. (Refs).

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Pyridoxine is involved in numerous complex metabolic and synthetic processess within the body, these processess include sugar and fat metabolism, the synthesis of nuerotransmitters that relay information between nerve and brain tissue and it is also known to act as a hormone regulator (Refs.). Seaweeds nutrient profiles of seaweeds show that it is universally present in all seaweeds.

Vitamin B1 commonly known as thiamin, also found in all seaweeds, is inportant in nerve transmition and involved in core processes in the gastrointestinal tract, muscular and cardiovascular systems. (Refs).

This is the most active form of this vitamin (32).Tocopherol or vitamin E, a seaweed nutrient that functions as a powerful anti-oxidant, so this seaweed nutrient prevents damage to cell membranes. It also protects PUFA. (Refs)

Vitamins (A, C and E) that may help to limit the cellular damage caused by free radicals (which are released when tissue is being injured, such as during the progression of heart disease.) Studies suggest that certain antioxidants may protect against coronary artery disease.

Vitamin D is an importan vitamin required for the devlopment of healthy bones in the young and maintaining strong healthy bones in the elderly, where bones graduly loose strength ad density as we age and in some cases lead to the development of osteoporosis (ref). The seaweed, nori is a particularly rich source of vitamin D (56), which functions in the body by maintaining normal levels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood, both minerals are major consituents of the bone (ref).

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While the above list is large it is not intended to be exhaustive, all care has been taken to insure that the above information is accurate with specific references for each point made for your further investigative work. If you do find any errors or inconsistencies please to not hessiate to contact us using our contact page.

The above information is provided for information purposes only and is not intended to diagnose any aliment that you might have. We strongly advise that you contact your health professional about any medications or health problems that you have.