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Company Location

In a nutshell, Ireland is the least populated country in Europe, the west coast of Ireland is the least populous part of Ireland, it then follows that we are situated is the least populated part of Europe. (explain more what this means).

It also follows that:

This are has numerous blue flag awards, a EU award given only to the purest waters in Europe.

There are no seaweed aquaculture farms in Ireland to contaminate natural wild seaweeds

No algal blooms or tides occur or have occured in this area.

This area has one of the owest population densities of Europe.

No heavy industry is practised in Ireland or the damages this does to the environment.

There are no chemical plants in the area or along the west coast of Ireland.

No algal fouling shows there are no heavy agricultural practices in the area.

The majority of the sites favoured for harvesting here are in nature park, part of Natura 2000.

There is a high seaweed diversity in Ireland, over 800 species known.

The best seaweeds are produced here as it is neither too cold or too how for growth.

Nutrient rich currents bathe our coastlines ensuring high mineral and nutrient content seaweeds.

We have no history or proximity to nuclear power facillities or the pollutants they produce.

There are no toxic species of seaweeds known in this locality.

All the above reasons mean that the area we harvest our seaweeds is ideal for nutrients or the production of other natrucxels used in our heaalth and bueaty, or other toiletry products. Indeed all as nature really intended them.

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