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Directors Message


When I formed “Ocean Fresh Seaweeds”, it was a synthesis of 25 years of experience harvesting seaweeds from natural habitats in the wild and the many years of work and training as a scientist. I have combined my practical knowledge of seaweeds with primary (a B.Sc. from University of Wales Aberystwyth) and secondary degrees (a Ph.D from the Botony Dpt., National University of Ireland, Cork) in biochemistry.

A quick survey of other companies offering seaweed products on the internet are generally run by individuals with little or no scientific training. The aim of this site is to offer customers sea vegetable products with explanations backed up where possible with hard scientific fact. Where possible information will be offered from verifiable peer reviewed articles for accuracy if the reader requires.

It is my aim to bring you your sea vegetables as nature intended, wild harvested, non-farmed, 100% organic. We are a small company, this means we only harvest relatively small amounts of seaweeds to ensure sustainability and high quality products. We waste nothing, everything is used, any seaweeds  not for human consumption are used as organic plant fertilisers. All of our product range is 100% satisfaction garunteed, to ensure customer confidence.

I wish to invite anyone reading through this website to offer suggestions, corrections where appropriate, so that I can present a web site that truly informs you as a consumer about our seaweed products. This site however, is not intended to diagnose illness, it is a guide to the health-improving effects of seaweeds. I strongly recommend that if you have any concerns about your health you visit your family doctor.