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Interesting Seaweed Links

Please visit our product sites, to the sites of our partners and other valuable information resources.

Our seaweed, toiletry and French green clay and algal product sites:

www.Seaweed-Sensations.com - Our site dedicated to delicious sea vegetable products, wild-harvested in an ecofriendly way. 100% organic as nature intended.

www.Phycomer.com - Our site dedicated to toiletry products that focus soley on seaweed-based items, for your enjoyment and the enhancement of healthy beauty.

www.MudWorks-inc.com - A range of miracle mud products, that utilise naturallly occurring French green clay, including face masks, soaps and other beauty products.

Partner sites:

www.Kerry-Web-Enterprises.com - A small site that specialises in dulse (Palmaria palmata) and carrageen or Irish moss (Chondrus crispus).

www.ListowelHomoeopathy.ie - A site devoted to homeopathy, where seaweeds are used as a base for some of their products. An excellent alternative therapy site.

Seaweed information sites:

www.en.Wikipedia.org/wiki/Seaweed - A wikipedia page that introduces the reader to the varied and fascinating subject that are seaweeds.

Books about seaweeds:

www.Prannie.com - A culinary delight, a cookery book full of gorgeous seaweed recipes made with species of seaweed native to Ireland. It also covers some traditional Gealic languge work.

To date, we have included a limited number sites in our list, to help us grow please feel free to suggest a site that informs the reader about seaweeds and their uses. To suggest a site, send details to Suggest-Site@Ocean-Fresh-Seaweeds.com, don't forget to include the title and topic of the site you are suggesting