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Organic seaweed toiletry products

phycomer logo, a range of organic seaweed beaty and toiletry products with no artificial additives or man made products added

This brand focuses on organic seaweed toiletries.

No artificial additives, preservatives or other man made ingredients are added to these products. They are as nature intended them to be, pure.

These products, while made only from the choicest ingredients are competitively priced, we have produce suited to every budget. These products contain either 100% seaweed or at least 10% seaweed content. This fact separates our products from many over the counter products that generally contain little or no seaweed in their "seaweed" preparations, though they are marketed as such.

Anyone who has specialist skin conditions should contact us directly, where we can offer tailored products specially for you to help ease your condition.

This range currently includes two main products:

Coming soon..

Ever had a revitalising seaweed bath by the sea or as an expensive spa, ayurvedic & holistic centers, and health clinicsreatment ?

Well now you can have an expensive spa treatment in the comfort of your own home, where you do not have to worry about the unsanitry conditions that can sometimes be encounered in communual facilities.

This product is a cotton bag shown in the image that contains seaweed and is used like a loofah. You immerse yourself in the natural "oils" and minerals that are produced when exposed to the hot water of your bath.

Here the skin naturally and passively takes up minerals from this preperation for a deep down hydration and detoxification of your skin, the whole body that is immersed. We also recoment that you dip your hair in the bath water too which also conditions your heair fror that nice shiny feeling without applying the potentially harmful ingredients found in hair conditioner.

Sports therapy clinics use Hydrotherapy Baths to help patients recover from joint and muscle injuries. Indeed, fishermen haved used seaweed to bath cuts and other injuries in certain seaweeds to aid recovery, aptly named as fishermans curee.

To find out more information follow this link to Phycomer.com.