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Impact of Seaweeds on Your Beauty

Introduction to seaweeds and beauty

We have established the undeniable place that seaweed or macro algae have played in human history, and also in a healthy diet together with the positive effect these sea vegetables have on our immune system and general ability to fight disease. More and more people are waking up to what our parents grandparents and earlier ancestors always knew, we can soak away the troubles of our daily lives, moisturise and cleanse our skin and hair. Moreover, in addition to this currently evolving body of recognised effects seaweeds have, more and more scienfically verified publications cite over and over again studies that show seaweeds have a direct effect on how seaweeds the skin's ageing process. In this section, we will demonstrate how seaweeds and beauty (both internal and external) are intrinsically linked, it does not matter how you take this fountain of youth and enjoy its benefits.

Soaking away your troubles in a seaweed bath

If you have never had a fresh seaweed bath, you have never really experienced a relaxing one. Forget those bath liquids, salts or other flakes formulated from man-made chemical products which despite their claims often include a very very low concentration of plant extracts, sometimes, as little as below 1%.

Unfortunately, for many, the specific seaweeds used for bathingare absent from the majority of coastlines around the world, occurring only in a few selected ares, this means that many other companies offering similar products, use seaweed substitutes and other additives that show little or no activity.